This is held annually over several distances  – 5k, 5M, 10K. 10M, Half Marathon, 20M and Marathon.

Points are awarded based on your Benfleet position ie 1st Benfleet Man & Women home would get 25 points down to the 25th place onwards in each genre who get one point. 

Points are also awarded for attendance 1 for 1 race up to 15 if you run 5

Only your best 5 events count so you do not need to run all 7 (Benfleet runners that only competed in 3 won prizes in 2017)

Prizes are awarded to the 3 runners with the most points at the end of the season in each genre, plus there is a number of age category prizes.

For The Benfleet Grand Prix the races listed below will be the ones we will use.



5k – Hadleih Parkrun July TBC

5mile Ingatestone September 22nd 2019

10k – Southend October 2019

10 mile – Stebbing November

Half – Brentwood March 17th 2019

20 mile Rochford March 2020

Marathon – Chelmsford October 20th 2019



Each year we hold a club championship where there are a number of prizes in various categories. For 2019 this will be held at the Southend on Sea 10k which takes place in October. We encourage as many runners as possible to attend this event.

10k – Southend October 2019


Benfleet Cross Country Points Competition 
Aside from having a chance of being in a winning team for Benfleet, with the new points competition you also stand a chance of winning an award for your individual efforts ranked against your clubmates.
How it works:
BRC Competes in two cross country leagues over the season.
On Sunday’s there will be 5 South Essex XC races.
On Saturday’s there will be 5 Essex League XC races.
There will also be a one off Essex Championship race.
You will score points by running in any of these 11 races.

Points will awarded as follows:
Men’s table: 1st Benfleet man 20pts, 2nd 19pts, 3rd 18pts, and so on down to 1pt for 20th and below, everyone that turns up will score at least 1pt. (in reality you will most likely score more!)
Women’s table: As above however the 1st will get 12pts, 2nd 11pts etc, down to 1for 12th and below. Again everyone that races will score.

The winning man and woman will have the most points at the end of the season and will be crowned our cross country points champions.
There will also be awards for 2nd/3rd (silver) and 4th/5th/6th/7th (Bronze) positions.
You will be able to keep track of your progress via updated league tables after every race, online and at the club.

Notes: Points will not be awarded for the relays or Vets races, members who marshal our own race will score points for the race equivalent to their best score so far in the Sunday league. If they haven’t yet run they will score double pts at the next Sunday race (only).
In the event of a tie, positions will be decided on participation, the runner having completed the most events will win. If still level the runner having finished highest in the last race of the season will take precedence, if neither races the last race both participated in shall replace “last race”.