BRC Winter Time trial -Your Times

Please find below the results of last night’s time trial. (Apologies for those whose surnames excluded).
Well done to everybody who gave it a whirl. We aim to repeat this session a couple of times over the winter to gauge your fitness.
I’ve just got off the phone to Graeme Newman who apart from being very battered and bruised and having a shocking black eye is ok this morning and hoping to be back running with us soon. 
Thank you to Kevin, Nicola & Terry for their help with results and also to Sharon and Mark who stopped to help Graeme and didn’t get a recorded time.

James Caldon 16.34
Terence Spooner 16.49
Ben Green 17.09
Billie Burroughs 17.13
Matthew Bird 17.22
George Watts 17.46
Peter Stalley 18.32
Damien Harvey 18.33
Anton MacKerness 18.37
Richard Jones 18.48
Chris Jones 18.54
Adam Wright 19.15
Tim Tomlins 19.47
Lee Gumbrell 19.58
Jack Hodges 20.08
Ethan Douglass 20.34
Michael Bebbington 20.38
Barry Key 20.43
Tom 20.57
Ian Banthorpe 21.07
Chris Wright 21.36
Isla Sinclair 21.55
Alan Caulfield 22.06
Stephen Burton 22.27
Kelly 24.20
Steve Ling 24.30
Peter Watson 24.47
Paul Daley 25.15
Catherine was Hughes 25.36
Fay Norris 31.23
Stefan Briffaut 31.43
Claire 31.43