Grand Prix Results

After Round 5

November 12th  race at Stebbing was the 5th race of 6 in the Benfleet Grand Prix and was attended by 26 runners from the club. Below are the updated points for the top 10 after this race.

NB Only 5 races out of 6 count which will only be relevant to Andy so his points total will only change if he scores better than 25 in the Rochford 20 next March

In the men’s race Andy & Terry in 1st and 2nd cannot be caught, congratulations to you both. Graham has moved into 3rd position but could still be beaten depending on who is running in the Rochford 20!

The women’s top 3 did not change despite all 3 running at Stebbing but Mandy Cooper leapt from 7th to 4th after a great performance. The top 3 in the women’s is still open depending who is running in the Rochford 20.