South Essex Cross Country Results R3

One Tree Hill February 18th

Please see below the results from the South Essex Cross country at One Tree Hill in Basildon on February 18th where 32 runners representing Benfleet at the hilly and muddy course!
The Sunday race is a mixed team of men and women and we continued our superb form with a 3rd win out of three races putting us in a strong position to take the season trophy at the final race next weekend.
**We need as many runners and supports on Sunday at Weald park as possible**!!
1st home for Benfleet in the Mens was James Caldon in 5th followed by Lee Baynton in 9th then Andy Low in 12th. Other scorers were George Watts (13th). Terry Spooner (17th) Paul Ruffy (22nd) and Billy Burroughs (27th).
1st home for the women was Sinead Clark in 4th ,(although 3rd was disqualified as some runners missed part of the course!) Hannah Watson in 5th and Nicola Bredin in 6th giving Benfleet 3 of the top 10, final points scorer and 1st vet home was Jacqui Watson in 18th.
Full results as follows:-
5 James Caldon
9 Lee Baynton
12 Andy Low
13 George Watts
17 Terry Spooner
22 Paul Ruffy
27 Billy Burroughs
32 Graham Booty
34 Matt Bird
37 Alan Clark
40 Richard Jones
43 Pete Stalley
46 Nick Rankin
62 Roy Harwood
68 Keiran McGill
70 David Harrell
76 Ian Pike
82 Doug Stephens
102 Andrew Watson
109 Graham Douglass
112 Barry Key
145 Martyn Swain
148 Kevin Judge
4 Sinead Clark
5 Hannah Watson
6 Nicola Bredin
18 Jacqui Watson
22 Nikki Leigh
36 Kelly McClenaghan
67 Sarah Cristofano
81 Annette Johnson
90 Susanna Hunt