Club Run 12th July


Run from club, to Benfleet sea wall, past “Gladys”

Run towards Leigh until 50 yds from halfway gate.

Take footpath left and CAREFULLY cross railway line.

Look ahead, just to your left, (10 o’clock) you will see gate and cattle grid at bottom of country park, run through gate.

Run up zig zag path, climbing, at top continue for about 400yards on level gravel path until you come to a path junction.

Go through kissing gate opposite and run down and over footbridge

50 yds past bridge take grass track right, climbing, after 150 yds you will join a gravel track, continue right on this track, climbing.

After 150 yds take style on left, immediately over style turn right on gravel path, climbing.

Continue straight on this path until Shipwrights Hill is on your left with grass path descending to it.

Run down this path and up Shipwrights Hill.

Continue on footpath to Benfleet Road.

CAREFULLY cross Benfleet Road and run 150 yds up Shipwrights Drive.

Take footpath on your left and enter The Glen.

Follow the path round to the Underhill Road exit.

Do not go on to road but keep left and take foot path up the side of the golf course to Vicarage Hill.

Turn left on to Vicarage Hill for 400yds, then take footpath/bridle path on right, down to Essex Way.

Run back to club.