VMLM 2019- PB’s , club records & amazing performances

Another year and another London Marathon.
The iconic and prestigious race lived up to the hype and delivered great performances from the amazing Benfleet runners.
This year also saw Eliud Kipchoge set the new course record, be the first man to win four London marathons and run the second fastest marathon time!

Overcast and cool weather provided ideal race conditions for the day.

First to cross the line, setting a new 4min PB and the club record was James Caldon in a time of 02:34:19, soon followed by (also breaking the club record) Lee Baynton in 02:35:55 , setting an impressive 7min PB. Third and fourth home was Ben Green in 02:40:27 and Chris Wayman in 02:41:42 both setting 3min PB’s.
Next was Terry Spooner in 02:49 flat followed by Andy Low, Graham Booty and Keith Luxon (who completed his third marathon in April) all finishing in under 3 hours!
A strong team of men followed which consisted of Stephen Burton, Tim Tomlins, Steven Hickey, Anton Mackerness (running a well paced 1st marathon), Matthew Cops & Lee Allen

First home for the BRC ladies was Jayne Stacey, in an amazing time of 03:27:16
Second home was Lianne Connors in an impressive 04:01:42, setting a new 25min PB!, very closely followed by Nikki Leigh in 04:05:13.
The strong team of BRC ladies followed, this included Angela Hall, Ruth Hall ( with an amazing 36min PB)Emma Nunn, Abbie Crane, Shelley Hall, Karen Mcmeekin, Ann Reed, Julie Peacock,, Samantha Netherton, Vanessa Sullivan and Emma Sayer

There was an impressive amount of BRC support for the runners on route.
Official Marshall’s, club members, friends and family lined the streets to support the runners in a somewhat chilly and windy Sunday Morning.
A huge thank you to those that made the trip to the capital to show their much appreciated support 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Well done everyone

London wasn’t the only race this weekend!

Caron Hiscock ran the Claydons 7 mile multi terrain race in Buckingham on Sunday. Finishing in 1hr 20mins

James Caldon 02:34:19
Lee Baynton 02:35:55
Ben Green 02:40:27
Chris Wayman 02:41:42
Terry Spooner 02:49:00
Andy Low 02:53:38
Graham Booty 02:57:30
Keith Luxon 02:59:09
Tim Tomlins 03:13:07
Stephen Burton 03:26:27
Steven Hickey 03:28:31
Anton Mackerness 03:28:55
Matthew Cops 04:00:51
Lee Allen 05:25:12

Jayne Stacey 03:27:16
Lianne Connors 04:01:42
Nikki Leigh 04:05:13
Angela Hall 04:17:28
Ruth Hall 04:24:05
Emma Nunn 04:28:06
Shelley Hall 04:34:05
Karen Mcmeekin 04:35:13
Abbie Crane 04:39:41
Ann Reed 04:41:56
Julie Peacock 04:59:04
Vanessa Sullivan 05:33:41
Emma Sayer 05:41:50
Samantha Netherton 05:51:15