Race Report: 10.06.24

This weekend we kickstarted our Road Grand Prix at the Southend Half Marathon. This
event is a highlight in the club’s calendar with it being an extremely popular race for our
runners. Southend Half works to raise vital funds for @HavensHospice, a charity that we as
a club are extremely honoured to support. It’s a fast course with a brilliant atmosphere —
ideal for a PB (providing the weather is in your favour!)
Everyone from BRC did exceptionally well in the hot and windy conditions! Their hard work,
dedication and commitment is paying off! Also, a special shout out to Graham D, Christine J
and Kevin J for being part of the Hi-Vis Heroes and volunteering at the event! Well done to

James A – 1:24:13
Josh S – 1:24:55
Keith L – 1:25:19
Mick V – 1:26:34
Paul D – 1:32:07
Joe C – 1:36:26
Tom P – 1:37:55
Emma J – 1:43:37
Esther W – 1:54:29
Neve G – 1:54:40
Francesca D – 1:56:57
Ann R – 1:57:531
Lisa B – 1:58:45
Lee B – 2:03:40
Trevor M – 2:03:56
Joe P – 2:09:03
Maddie S – 2:12:26
Lee A – 2:16:15
Matt P – 2:19:24
Adam M – 2:41:00
Jess G – 2:43:08

Also, on fine form this weekend was Steve K who not only competed in the Lakeland Trails
16km Race this weekend, finishing in 1:43:20. Steve also secured his 96th Marathon at the
Lakeland Trails this weekend in a fantastic 4:45:39, a whole hour quicker than last year! Well
done, Steve, fantastic running!

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