South Essex Cross Country Results R4


Please see below the results from the South Essex Cross country at South Weald in Brentwood on February 25th where 36 runners braved the cold to represent Benfleet in the final cross country of the season.

The Sunday race is a mixed team of men and women and we completed our superb form with a 4th win out of 4 races, a clean sweep resulting in clear winners of the season! This is a fantastic result and only possible because of every runner and supporter who has attended over the past 4 months whether you have scored for Benfleet or made the effort to just pip that person in front of you to help with our score!, or cheered everybody on from the sidelines.

Over the XC season 43 men have contributed at some stage and 23 women, plus all of you who marshalled at our race in Hadleigh. This is a fantastic turn out and one we hope to build upon next season.

1st home for Benfleet in the Mens was James Caldon in 3rd which is his best position for the season,  followed by Lee Baynton in 8th then George Watts in 10th. Other scorers were Ben Green (11th), Andy Lowe (12th), Eddy Cooper (19th), and Paul Ruffy (20th).

1st home for the women was Sinead Clark in 2nd, followed by Nicola Bredin in 3rd (her best position for the season), Jacqui Watson in 11th (joint best for the season) and Abbi May Walters in 18th.

Full results as follows:-

3 James Caldon
8 Lee Baynton
10 George Watts
11 Ben Green
12 Andy Low
19 Eddy Cooper
20 Paul Ruffy
21 Terry Spooner
25 Billy Burroughs
32 Michael Feltham
36 James Hiscock
39 Jack Hodges
41 Pete Stalley
42 Richard Jones
43 Alan Clark
46 Chris Jones
47 Stuart Watson
53 Keiran McGill
68 Kieran Feltham
69 Ian Pike
70 Nick Rankin
74 Doug Stephens
114 Graham Douglass
129 Kevin Steed
134 Brian Sorenson
140 Martyn Swain


2 Sinead Clark
3 Nicola Bredin
11 Jacqui Watson
18 Abbi May Walters
24 Danielle Giannotti
26 Nikki Leigh
33 Kelly McClenaghan
41 Liane Conners
46 Mandy Cooper
48 Annette Johnson