XC Double Weekend

This weekend saw double cross country events with competitions on both the Saturday and Sunday mornings. Congratulations to everybody that competed particularly those that managed both days!

I think the biggest credit for the weekend needs to go to Victoria who managed back to back wins. Victoria came first at the Saturday event in Epping Forest beating 110 other female competitors in a 4.1 mile race then did the double by winning on Sundays 4.5 miles at One Tree Hill beating over 150 other ladies –  a fantastic performance in strong fields particularly racing two days in a row.

On Saturday we raced at Epping Forest which, whilst fairly flat compared to some cross country courses, provided the challenge of boggy areas where you were up to your ankles deep in mud in places!

On Saturday the men and women race separately. The women managed to come 5 out of 22 teams and the men 7 out of 23, in the vets category the women came 5th and the men achieved 7th. Full list of positions detailed below.

Senior Men
Pos Name
36  Lee Baynton 
64 Michael Feltham
72 Kieran Feltha
76 Andy Low
82 Graham Booty
96 Alan Clark 
103 Richard Jones
105 Ciaran Byrne
108 Ian Pike
110 Roy Harwood
113 Nick Rankin
153 Doug Stephens 
174  Stephen Burton 


Senior Women
Pos Name
1 Victoria Hiscock 
12 Nicola Bredin
28 Lucy Thompson
29 Jacqui Watson
50  Kelly McClenaghan 
74 Nikki Leigh
84 Annette  Johnson

On Sunday we had the challenge of trying to win our third South Essex league race in a row following back to back victories at Hadleigh in December, we had another brilliant turnout with 34 runners attending the race at One Tree Hill in Basildon. Sundays race is a mixed team event and I am pleased to announce that we completed our third victory winning by 76 points which was fantastic following the narrow margin at the last event only beating Leigh On Sea by 10 points. Full list of positions detailed below.

Senior Men
Pos Name
5 James Caldon
6 Ben Green
8 Chris Wayman
9 Lee Baynton
14 Paul Ruffy
15 Damien Harvey
16 Terry Spooner
20 James Hiscock
26 Andy Low
27 Matt Bird
32 Graham Booty
40 Pete Stalley
48 Nick Rankin
51 Ian Pike
53 Alan Clark
54 Richard Jones
56 Ciaran Byrne
59 Roy Harwood
82 Lee Whieldon
99 Doug Stephens
111 Barry Key
132 Stephen Burton
148 Kevin Steed
183 Martin Swain


Senior Women
Pos Name
1 Victoria Hiscock 
6 Lucy Thompson
14 Abbi May Walters
21 Nicola Evans
23  Kelly McClenaghan 
36 Nikki Leigh
51 Mandy Cooper
58 Sarah De Cristofano
75 Annette  Johnson
129 Jo Key