Presentation Evening – 9th March 2018

2017/18 has been an amazing year for Benfleet Running Club scoring overall winners of the South East Essex Cross Country league and a string individual successes.  The Presentation Evening is our opportunity to celebrate the our achievements.

Thank you to everyone who attended. The winners were…..

Benfleet RC Cross Country League


  • 1st Andrew Low
  • 2nd Lee Baynton
  • 3rd George Watts
  • 4th Terry Spooner
  • 5th James Caldon 
  • 6th Graham Booty
  • 7th Alan Clark


  • 1st Sinead Clark
  • 2nd Jacqui Watson
  • 3rd Nicola Bredin
  • 4th Annette Johnson
  • 5th Nikki Leigh
  • 6th Kelly McClenaghan
  • 7th Charmaine Sterling

South Essex League Shield – shared for the year between Sinead & James
4 league winners trophies to – Lee, George, Nicola & Hannah Watson

Club Championships


  • 1st James Caldon
  • 2nd Andy Low
  • 3rd Lee Baynton
  • V40 Terry Spooner
  • V50 Nick Rankin
  • V60 Terry Allen


  • 1st Jayne Stacey
  • 2nd Jacqui Watson
  • 3rd Danielle Giannotti
  • V35 Isla Sinclair
  • V45 Mandy Cooper
  • V55 Bobby Oliver

Joints Teams on +5 points

  • Andy Low/Jacqui Watson/Michael Bebbington/Paul Daly
  • Jayne Stacey/Roy Harwood/Terry Spooner/Kevin Judge

Mini Grand Prix

  • Gold Ian Pike
  • Silver Annette Johnson
  • Bronze Mandy Cooper

Benfleet Grand Prix


  • 1st Andy Low
  • 2nd Terry Spooner
  • 3rd Graham Douglass
  • V40 Tim Tomlins
  • V50 Nick Rankin
  • V60 Kevin Judge


  • 1st Ann Reed
  • 2nd Nikki Leigh
  • 3rd Isla Sinclair
  • V35 Melanie Anthony
  • V45 Mandy Cooper
  • V55 Bobby Oliver

Club Person of the Year 

  • Sarah Norton

Merit Table Award

  • Samantha Venton

Personality of the Year

  • Sarah Norton

Kirste/Adversity Cup

  • Kevin Judge