Lee Baynton wins marathon at Great Baddow Challenge

On Sunday 1st April Lee Baynton  competed in the Great Baddow Challenge-  The home of the only multi-terrain 10 day festival of marathon running in the UK. The event consists of 19 different days throughout the year including ½ , full and Ultra marathons.

At this weekends Marathon distance on the Sunday Lee was the overall winner, completing the course which was set around the beautiful country lanes near Bury St Edmonds, in a fantastic time of 3.08.18 just under 30 minutes ahead of the next finisher earning himself a trophy and medal but more importantly an Easter Egg!

Congratulations to Lee on this fantastic result.

Full list if times of all runners in the event below:-

Lee Baynton 03:08:18
Lindsay Hamilton 03:37:10
David Field 03:43:43
Mark Beauchamp 03:43:48
Neil Myland Osman 03:52:42
Paul Marshall 04:03:01
Christopher Kay 04:05:17
Paul Owen 04:07:58
Simon Marjoram 04:08:57
Frances Cooke 04:27:43
Jon Watkins 04:28:49
Ross Arnold 04:31:27
Simon Wallis 04:31:30
Steve Gordon 04:36:17
Denys Baudry 04:37:15
Jackie Lake 04:56:44
Beth Taylor-Jones 05:23:00
Robert Marshall 05:25:10
Rob Hoey 05:29:01
Michael Stiff 05:32:23
Paul falco 05:38:55
Kate Jayden 05:44:33
Mel Sturman 06:17:39
David Loomes 06:17:43
Lauren Goldsmith 06:17:46
Richard Furness 06:17:54
David Moles 06:21:10
Carla Wiggins 06:21:48
Chris Chandler 06:30:31
Jules Dring 06:33:19
Graham Williams 06:33:23
Carol Goodwin 06:52:24
Sophie Goodwin 06:52:27
Zara Stifani 07:24:24
Lua Stifani 07:24:49
Caroline Ness 07:35:29